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Sunday, May 25, 2008
gila 25 Mei 2008.. bakal tak inget trus...

promised to make our task in Sun City Sidoarjo, but what were we doing there?..

we headed to Ayam Sri directly without any consideration!....

Novilia ♥ 4:26 PM
Friday, May 23, 2008
sorry, i promised to write some on few days ago..
but, i was busy with my things...

was i a real busy or i made myself to be seen busy?... wakaka.. either...

I chose Aji as the best performer of tonite's Indo Idol.. yeah, he was succeed of changing the genre music of KETAHUAN by Matta Band into Jazz.. what a beautiful song... hahaha..

Novilia ♥ 11:20 PM
Wednesday, May 14, 2008
i'm coming home!..

very tired but on the other hand, delightful!..

will write tomorrow..

Novilia ♥ 11:50 PM
Wednesday, May 7, 2008

i'll be leaving surabaya tomorrow morning..
i'll be missing my fellas here..

Destinations : HongKong - Xiamen - Zhang Zhou..

write to you soon..

Novilia ♥ 10:51 PM
Monday, May 5, 2008
once again fellas..

a double day of movie watching for me..

finally.. i got the ticket! hehehe.. although i had the second row from the LCD.. that's not important la..
i went with Cho Sarah and Feli..
great effects..
high technological house.. (wish i could own one someday..)
and what i love the most is..
the talking computer.. yeah, wondering i had one to accompany my day and do my tasks..! hehe..

the storyline wasn't complicated..
has the redline to another superheroes movie such as Spidey, Batman, DareDevil.. they're created to save the world...

rated 4 of 5.. cause i didn't like the ending session..
good job for Robert Downey Jr..

supposing I had a husband like Tony Stark?...
Novilia ♥ 11:53 PM
tonight's special movie..

tadaaaa.... here it comes....

That's ALVIN and the Chipmunks! yay...
hmm.. at first, me and paula (my cousin) decided to watch Iron Man..
but poor we... we ran out the ticket, yeah.. we came to the XX1 at TP was very close with the showtime.. hehe..

TP's XX1 for me, isn't as luxury as Sutos's..
it has the same interior design, but the places of the studio was quiet-a-look-like-a- labyrinth..
haha.. the studios were located on the second floor..

before it, we had dinner in IZZI Pizza..
we had a regular pizza for Beef n Izzi..
the tastes quite yummy, but i think there's too much BBQ sauce, so it tasted a lot pepper and spicy..

for the dessert.. we chose, Hot Choco Melt..
it was super duper very delicious..

Novilia ♥ 2:11 PM
Saturday, May 3, 2008
is just a secret of future..
people never knew what would happened in theirs...
it may come, it may go as they are ordered...

people mustn't insisted what they wanted to..
God really know the best for His creations..
He gave us temptation, but..
something what we should remember and have..
a belief that something better is facing to us...

He may not give what we wanted but He give something we needed...

Novilia ♥ 2:52 AM
Thursday, May 1, 2008

i was doing some make over in my room..
actually, it wasn't a real make over, i didn't change the interior, things or designs also place of my bed...
just reorganize the stuffs...
those are my study desk, make up desk, tv desk and laptop desk..

btw, i wanted to upload the result.. but, why the uploader can't work?.. haha.. ok then i'll post it soon la...

hmm.. just back from late night shopping at TP..
it wasn't a great deal for buy.. but nice celebration for surabaya's birthday... hahaha...
it was held for the second times to resuccess last's year happening..
almost all fashion apparels, shoes tenants and cafes remain opening till midnite!..

so fellas, if you're willing to see and join the fun, come to TP tomorrow.. wakaka...


Novilia ♥ 11:07 PM
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