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Monday, March 31, 2008
huaa... finally the day has come.. the day of futsal competition...

the competition held in Planet Futsal Graha Famili area.. it will take 4 times of playing which the rest will take every Saturday of April... so if you're willing to come... hehehe...

surprisingly, there's a lot of talented futsal player in surabaya..

it took a full of energy to prepare, held and finish the competition.. but, i've a great team! haha...

thanks GOD for your bless to us...

Novilia ♥ 1:44 PM
Friday, March 28, 2008
haehh... what a tiring day...

capek capek capek...

tapi terbayarkan sudah dengan semuaaa... haha.. gila peserta makin nambah hari ini.. baguslah... jadinya saya dan teman2 agak lega sedikit dengan competition itu...

hmm.. ended with dinner in Hachi2 resto...

Novilia ♥ 12:44 PM
Thursday, March 27, 2008
started entreprenurship class with games .. all the things went well and pleased.. hehe...
thanks to cho, yang sudah mentraktir kita semua... hehehe....

*futsal futsal futsal*

Novilia ♥ 12:20 AM
Tuesday, March 25, 2008
what a day..
lectures were pleasing and the lecturer ended the class earlier.. haha..

on the other hand...
futsal competition still fulfills my brain...

confused... need help... miracle..
Novilia ♥ 10:58 PM
Monday, March 24, 2008
am back to the cyber and blog world.. haha..
my singapore trip was awesome.. i had plenty of great times there.. really really great.. haha.. spending day by day around the city by MRT and having some shops.. =)
for the evening time, before we went to dreamland me and my cousin have a usual thing to do... that's feet bathing foam.. =)... we fulfilled the bathtub with warm water and poured a bottle of bath foam.. it's nice and very comfortable to our feet..

also i have a new collection.. I couldn't call it collection, i did it uncoincidently... i got the first devil mobile phone pocket from Rena, which was my Christmas Exchange Gift.. and i bought a new devil doll in Bugis Junction.. so I do have 2 devils in my room.. haha..

aren't they cute?... hehe..

sooo... that's all my stories.. if you're willing, you may give some devils to me.. hehehe...

i miss TORI-Q and TOAST BOX also MAC store.. hahaha..


Novilia ♥ 5:51 PM
Tuesday, March 18, 2008
chappy 18th birthday to CHO! hehehe.. wish you all the best and get all the rest..

started my monday with english class, then business communication and ended with SAP ( kelas paling nyantai, mao telpon, chatting, bahkan nulis blog sekalipun hahaha...)

tomorrow, I'll fly to Singapore.. I'll miss all my besties here..

L to R: tryana, cho, meiling, junsia, sarah, feli, me.. kurang rena.. hehe..

ok then.. I need to finish my belongings.. I'll be back on Saturday!..


Novilia ♥ 12:48 PM
Monday, March 17, 2008
MONDAY, MARCH 17, 2008
thanks to tryana who had already view my profile and it's such a priceless thing! =P

*nganggur MODE ON in SAP class*

Novilia ♥ 2:17 PM
This is today's second write..
hmm.. not much happened today..
woke up at 10:00 a.m, out for lunch with parents and stayed the rest of the day at home with doing my tasks..

*counting minutes to turn 17th, it's CHO's bday*

Novilia ♥ 1:52 PM
Sunday, March 16, 2008
As usual, i spent my day with mom, my dad brother's wife and her kids at noon. It was my Saturday's daily..

Evening time, it's time for friends. I went to TP with 3 of my besties: Rena, Cho and Tryana.
After dinner and moved around a moment, we decided to drive around the city because we didn't have any destination to go.. haha..

When I was driving, Cho saw a white jazz and said if it was our friend's car. But I, didn't sure because I never knew if he owned it. Cho was really sure and I blew the horn a few time. I saw she was trying to open the window then i directly pushed the button from my contoller and she screamt to the car. She suddenly downed her face and closed the window also said 'MATI, ITU BUKAN ****.. ITU PAPAE ****! MATI AKU!'.. As you know, the car driven by our friend's dad. She was very embarrassed! haha.. that was the 'kejadian of the nite'... She said 'MATI AKU ISIN PEK' over and over again.

We had a quiet long trip in the city. We took a way from the City to the East. After it, we stopped in a cafe (i wasn't supposed call it cafe la.. haha). Then I drove back home and my besties spent a moment in my home.

That's all the end of everything. Today was fun!

Novilia ♥ 2:09 PM
Saturday, March 15, 2008
hmm.. finally, i made it..

i made something which people will never believe i could.. =P

thanks to sarah who picked previous address, but it couldn't be used because the availabilty is none..

thanks to noviana helen who taught me how to change this blog layout. It shows how GAPTEK i am.. hahaha...

thanks to rena who was the first saw of this blog..

i created it just for share some fun and joy of mine..

Novilia ♥ 2:38 PM
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